DataVis Tools

General Purpose

  • Google Fusion tables: for very simple graphs, networks, and maps; supports some data cleaning and transformation (e.g., automatic recognition of location names and transformation into latitude and longitude).
  • Tableau: A powerful commercial tool for visualizing data; does not support network or text visualization. Free 2-week trial and free versions for students available.
  • Raw graphs: Free and online tool to import and map data to standard visualizions, but also parallel coordinates plot
  • PoleStar: Simple webinterface that automatically creates visualizations based on the data input (Mainly scatterplots and distributions with various style attributes). Based on Vega.
  • The Gamma: A JavaScript library that lets anyone create transparent and open data visualizations that are linked to the original data source and encourages the reader to further explore data and find interesting facts on their own.
  • iVisDesigner (Scatterplots, Nodelink, Matrices, PCP, timelines):

Visualization in R

Visualization in Python

Visualization in JavaScript

Network Visualization

Humanity-driven tools

Some of the tools below are still being developed further.

Tools for Styling and Communication

  • Charticulator: interactive authoring tool that enables the creation of bespoke and reusable chart layouts. Charticulator is our response to most existing chart construction interfaces that require authors to choose from predefined chart layouts, thereby precluding the construction of novel charts. Charticulator can export chart designs into reusable templates that can be imported into other visualization tools.
  • Data Illustrator: similar to Charticulator
  • iVOLVER is a tool that allows users to create visualizations without textual programming. It is designed to enable flexible acquisition of many types of data (text, colors, shapes, quantities, dates) from multiple source types (bitmap charts, webpages, photographs, SVGs, CSV files) and, within the same canvas, supports transformation of that data through simple widgets to construct interactive animated visuals.

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