Going Places: To know a city is to know its streets

Monday, Feb 11, 10am, Informatics Forum 4.31/33 (talk will be 20-30min, then Q&A).

Tobias Kauer (@tobi_vierzwo), Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Georeferenced Social Media Data is a rich resource to capture, describe and predict the everyday life in our cities. However, using it to produce knowledge about public space carries the risk of misrepresentation and oversimplification. Critical Data Studies offer strategies to address these shortcomings and collect counter-data, working towards a multi-perspective view on how we get to know our cities. In this presentation, I will briefly introduce these strategies based on one study in Berlin.
Tobias Kauer is an early stage researcher from Berlin, focusing on visualizing urban data. After working as an UX designer for eight years, Tobias just finished the newly found urban futures Master programme at FH Potsdam. Tobias is an Nokia Bell Labs alumni, founder of a Berlin-based Co-Working space and Co-host of the Maptime Berlin Meetup.