PhD Scholarships

There are three types of scholarships. Those who cover your salary,  those who cover your tuition, if you are not an EU/UK citizen, and those covering both (if you are an EU/UK citizen, you don’t pay any tuition, thanks to the Scottish Government).

There is a range of options for either and I encourage you to check your own sources. The list below certainly is incomplete.

A search interface is provided here:

Covering salary only

ECA PhD Scholarship

ECA interdisciplinary PhD Scholarship

CDT Data Science

Covering salary plus EU/UK tuition

Principal’s PhD Scholarship (

  • 45 University scholarships
  • UK, EU, overseas
  • PhD and MRes?
  • Not eligible for consecutive registration
  • Outstanding academic merit: UK first class or 2:1 honours degree (~upper 15%)
  • open to oversea students
  • Students must have already applied at UoE

Perfect Storm: Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships

MSR European PhD Scholarship

Covering salary and oversea tuition

Principal’s Career Development PhD Scholarships:

Edinburgh Enlightment scholarships:

Global Education Scholarship for Russian Students

Covering Tuition only

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:

Informatics Overseas Research Scholarship

Carnegie PhD Scholarships

Amendmends (2nd year students)

IBM Scholarship

Google European Doctoral Fellowship

Rabin Ezra Scholarship


Commonwealth Scholarships

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship

  • up to 8k for 1 year, deduced from tuition fees
  • deadline: ~March

Postgraduate Doctoral Loans (England, Wales, NI)