Data Visualization Workshop @ATI, May 2019


Benjamin Bach (@benjbach), School of Informatics / Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

Any questions, please ask. Slides will be provided before/after the workshop.


This brief workshop aims at developing skills and thinking with respect to using data visualizations for exploration and communication. It will be a mixture of theory and hands-on sessions helping the participants to work on their very own data problems and explore possibilities for visualization. The workshop is structured into three consecutive parts:

  1. defining a data challenge,
  2. sketching visualization(s) and
  3. developing formats for effective communication (report, infographic, data comic, etc.).

We will touch on topics such as: perceptual basics, visualization design, visualization techniques for networks, time-series, and geo-spatial data, common flaws in visualization, visualization literacy, effective communication, and tools for data visualization. No coding skills are required, all hands-on exercises happen on paper so that participants leave the workshop prepared to realize their ideas. Participants are invited to bring data relevant to themselves, join the other members of the workshop or work with some data provided.

Goals and Topics

  1. Perceptual foundations
  2. Guidelines
  3. Non-standard visualizations
  4. Data vis tools
  5. Define data challenges
  6. Sketch visualization ideas
  7. Visualization for communication


  • Any data relevant to you and which you would like to visualize
  • Any favorite pens
  • Computer if required to access your data

Workshop Slides